[Wikipedia-l] Re: Can "outsiders" build their encyclopedia on Wikipedia?

Michael Snow wikipedia at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 27 01:25:54 UTC 2004

Ray Saintonge wrote:

> Fred Bauder wrote:
>> The Marxists don't go away, they just delete any information they 
>> don't like
>> and argue endlessly. Although occasionally they will conceed that 
>> some major
>> issue deserves a small mention in an article, down at the bottom, if you
>> have extensive references for the point.
> Is this why it's so hard to tell them apart from some of your right 
> wing friends? 

Regardless of the people and ideologies involved, it's typically hard to 
tell edit warriors apart from each other, let alone identify what value 
systems they are promoting (other than anti-Wikiquette, of course). Most 
of the time, the only way I know who's "Marxist" and who's "right wing" 
is based on the furious labeling of users by their opponents. You 
certainly wouldn't be able to tell based on the progress being made in 
adding actual content to the encyclopedia.

--Michael Snow

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