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Anthere anthere9 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 15 22:25:04 UTC 2004

This evening, on meta, Perl blocked a user, with the
ip adress of for one hour. The motive
given is "vandal".

Here is the only edit of the guy on meta


Perl reverted this edit using roll back feature 

Then blocked the editor

* 23:04, 15 Apr 2004, Perl blocked
(expires 00:04, 16 Apr 2004) (contribs) (unblock)


The so called vandal is an english user

I see no evidence on his page that he is a vandal.

I unblocked the user  on meta and put a note on his
english page.


I asked Perl on irc why he had done so

his answers were

AlexanderStaggeringFluffy: he hasn't made any
contributions except vandalising the address listing

Alexander it was only for 1 hour

Alexander i thought he was trollkein 


I have not unsysoped Perl.

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