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Thu Apr 15 15:57:52 UTC 2004

* Erik Moeller
<erik_moeller-Mmb7MZpHnFY at public.gmane.org>

> Tim-


> > Indeed, if you read up on AS, you find that the
disorder only goes a
> > small way towards explaining Perl's behaviour.

> Maybe so, maybe not. This is not a moral discussion
(if you want to make  
> it one, I'll begin by contending the concepts of
good and evil). The  
> question is whether Alex can act within our
policies. Given how many  
> chances we gave Lir, I believe we should give him
another chance to do so.

>But has Perl been told his behaviour is astoundingly
>counter-politic? I cannot see anything of the sort in
>his talk page either in WP or in Meta. 


Hi Pedro. Yes, he was told on irc. I hope my
explanations were clear enough. If not, I suppose my
level of conviction could not escape him :-( 

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