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Daniel Mayer maveric149 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 14 09:07:05 UTC 2004

Tim Starling wrote:
>Anyway, it suprised some of us when Perl requested sysop 
>access on Wikibooks, and it was approved with two people 
>supporting (Mav and Theresa) and none against. But it's 
>only wikibooks, it's no big deal.  Then Mav gave him sysop 
>access on meta. While stricly speaking this is  allowed by 
>policy, it seems to be against the majority opinion, at least  
>on the English Wikipedia.

Since when has the English Wikipedia had control over Meta? Meta is a wiki
which serves as a place for inter-wiki coordination of Wikimedia projects. As
such Meta sysoping policy has been (up to Perl's sysoping at least) that anyone
who is already an admin on any Wikimedia project can be an admin on Meta just
by asking. 

I, like you, were not aware of Perl's apparent obsession with status when I
promoted him (nor was I aware of his sock puppets). I was only aware of his
good standing as an editor on the English Wikipedia (having bumped-up against
him on many occasions -- all good experiences) and the fact that he was already
an admin on Wikibooks and the Maori Wikipedia. That should be enough, but I am
a bit concerned by his apparent wish for status (as I was for 172 - but I was
proved wrong in the long run on that count). 

So, has Perl knowingly abused any sysop user rights on the Maori Wikipedia, 
Wikibooks, or Meta?  Granted he failed to follow the largely unwritten admin
rules for Meta, but an apparent honest mistake is hardly grounds for
de-adminship (unless he does it again after being informed of those rules). His
actions on Meta seemed to be acts in good faith as far as I could see. 

-- Daniel Mayer (aka mav)

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