[Wikipedia-l] Parasitic behaviour. We loose more than money by it.

Erik Zachte e.p.zachte at chello.nl
Mon Apr 12 14:02:23 UTC 2004

Mathias wrote:
"One of the most important factors in the PageRank formula is freshness.
If I copy a page from the source web site which is already in the google
index, I have a certain chance to get ahead of if - for some time.
After a while, the ratio of age will balance and other factors (the
global pagerank of a site, and it's update frequency) will catch up."

Comparison of PhatNav's Rembrandt page with our edit history reveals they
used a dump from between 19 Jun 2003 and 14 Sep 2003.

The Wikipedia article has been edited 30 times since then.

Erik Zachte

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