[Wikipedia-l] Deletions on meta

Anthere anthere9 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 12 07:00:48 UTC 2004

Today, aplank deleted a collection of pages on meta.

See http://meta.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meta%3ADeletion_log

The deletion policy on meta states that pages should
stay between 15 to 30 days listed on vfd before being
deleted. The long delay time is due to the fact users
do not come to meta as often that they come to local
wikipedia, so are given more time to react.

Most of the pages perl deleted have been listed for
about a week. Others, I added yesterday. And some
pages have never been listed at all.

Granted, I think that most of these pages had to be
deleted, however, I do not think any of them qualified
to speedy deletion, given that most have been on meta
for a full year.

In any cases, I think there is a rule, not a very
drastic one, but a rule anyway. I think it should be

And the rule state "list article on vfd, and wait
between 15 to 30 days";


On meta, there is another rule which I think is
inappropriate. It states "any sysop on any wikipedia
shall be sysop automatically upon request on meta". I
propose a change of policy, so that a user making a
request is at least not opposed by its peers.

Please, give feedback on these two points

* What do we do when sysop do not respect rules on
meta ?
* Is that ok that any sysop on any wiki is made sysop
on meta, without any approval by anyone, or without
any chance to express disapproval 

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