[Wikipedia-l] Languages: crossing a border?

Imran Ghory imran at bits.bris.ac.uk
Mon Apr 5 23:27:10 UTC 2004

On Mon, 5 Apr 2004, Daniel Mayer wrote:

> I could not find anything about this on StarTrek.com though and it does seem a
> bit dubious to copyright fictional words. But then, I'm not sure if we would
> want to be in a postion to pay legal fees to test Paramount's purported claim
> (not to mention all the lost effort in a Klingon encyclopedia if we decided to
> just pull the plug).

I don't think Paramount would have a case (at least in the UK), the fact
that they're publishing and endorsing educational material would seem to
give people implicit permission to use it.

We could just write to Paramount's lawyers and ask them to state one way
or another.

But the fact that we've got to the stage where we see reviews of the
Klingon translation of Hamlet appearing in Shakespeare Quarterly indicate
Klingon as a language no-longer belongs to Paramount.

According to [[Lojban]] Dr Brown lost a courtcase on language copyright,
but I can't trace the court case.


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