[Wikipedia-l] Extension_Syntax

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Mon Apr 5 16:12:29 UTC 2004

Guillaume Blanchard wrote:

>Can we start vote at 
>http://meta.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extension_Syntax ?
>If noone else want to do it, I can attend to this vote process.
The problem with voting on something like this is that most of us 
understand absolutely nothing about it.  This effectively leaves the 
decision in the hands of the techno-nerds.

For those of us who stand outside of that elite crowd, we are most 
likely to ask
    1) What does the result look like? and
    2) How easy is it to use?

It seems from the meta article that some of these proposals may be 
easily learned, (but I can't be sure.)  On the other hand, except for a 
couple of very short mathematical expressions, there are no examples of 
what these might look like, particularly for the hieroglyphics and 
musical material.

I fully recognize that several specialized subjects require specialized 
tools, and they should be available to those who want to write about 
such subjects.  I hope that whatever is adopted will be adequately 
documented for the rest of us.  Also a person who wants to enter music 
(for example) should not need to learn how to enter mathematical formulas.


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