[Wikipedia-l] Languages: crossing a border?

Adam Bishop grenfell_ at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 5 16:31:51 UTC 2004

I'm sure there are more than 10 000 people who Latin too, but none of them 
are using the Latin Wikipedia :) Fluency in Latin on la: ranges from maybe 
one or two people who are Latin scholars, to people who don't know it at 
all...added to this is the fact that we can't even communicate with each 
other, because not everyone understands Latin to the same degree, and there 
is no other common language for us because some people speak English, some 
Dutch, some Greek, some Japanese, etc.

But I complain about this all the time, I should really stop it :)

Adam Bishop

>From: Peter Gervai <grin at tolna.net>
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>Subject: Re: [Wikipedia-l] Languages: crossing a border?
>Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2004 18:23:50 +0200
>On Mon, Apr 05, 2004 at 05:47:46PM +0200, Lars Aronsson wrote:
> > Does Latin meet that requirement?  The aboriginal Sami minority in
>I'm sure there are more than 10000 people who knows latin. At least 
>doctor in Hungary ought to. :)
> > If this is the problem, why not solve this problem.  Split the 
> > in two or three different lists: Languages with more than 20K 
> > can be considered "useful" encyclopedias, languages with 
> > articles can be listed as "developing" encyclopedias, 
and languages
> > with less than 1K articles are "experimental".
>Allright. So I am going on with my bot to create year articles (let's 
>with 3000), and create cities (~4500) and maybe country templates and 
>Yep. We have ~600 articles, but they are _real_. Not templates. Not
>automatically created. I believe I can create around 10000 of those 
>much thinking. So we can be "useful" in, say, I week. Progress 
is fast
>nowadays, isn't it?
>(All I wanted to say: article count isn't god's way to rate us. Apart 
>the problem that there ain't no god.)
>ps: ...on the other hand the number of speakers of a language.... (much
>harder to boost artifically)
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