[Wikipedia-l] pyWikipediabot news

Andre Engels engelsAG at t-online.de
Mon Apr 5 14:19:44 UTC 2004

PyWikipediabot is a bot used for several functions in Wikipedia.
Most famous is probably the bot for working on Interwiki links.
See http://sourceforge.net/projects/pywikipediabot/. This is a
report of changes and additions to the bot in the past week. 

* imagetransfer.py is a new bot. Given a Wikipedia page, it
  searches through interwiki links for images, and on request
  of the user, uploads them to the user's home Wikipedia. It's
  still in development, but it seems the serious bugs have gone.
  It was created by Andre Engels, with help from Head, and based
  on an existing bot by Rob Hooft.
* copy_table.py takes a table from one Wikipedia and puts it in
  another, translating 'on the fly'. Programmed by head. It
  currently can translate taxoboxes between English, French, 
  German and Dutch, and German city data from German to English
  and Dutch
* If the interwiki-bot is given a hint without a page title, the
  title of the original page is taken to be the hint.
* The hints 'main' and 'more' of the interwiki-bot have been
  renamed to '10' and '20', and '30' has been added; each gives
  approximately that number of the largest languages. Also the
  hint cyril: (for all languages in Cyrillic writing) has been

Current discussion:
We are looking for ways to improve the handling of problems in
interwiki.py where more than one link is found to one language.

Andre Engels

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