[Wikipedia-l] Re: New wikipedias: tpi, tp, io

Pierre Abbat phma at webjockey.net
Sun Apr 4 14:00:27 UTC 2004

On Sunday 04 April 2004 09:07, Ralesk Ne'vennoyx wrote:
> Shame those sources found by Google don't have like half of the codes.
> Klingon and Ido and Lojban (why jbo?!) definitely have their 3-letter
> codes.

"jbo" is the rafsi of "lojbo", the brivla (syntactically a verb, but also used 
as an adjective - there are no adjectives or adverbs in Lojban, and brivla 
are also used for common nouns) meaning "Lojban". Examples:
jboru'u - the Lojban monetary unit, distinct from ronru'u (Euro), meryru'u 
(American dollar), etc.
jbofi'e - "Lojban fish", name (by analogy with "Babelfish") of a program for 
parsing and translating Lojban text.

li fi'u vu'u fi'u fi'u du li pa

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