[Wikipedia-l] Wikipedia PT/BR - Sysop

Paulo Ricardo Colacino colacino at terra.com.br
Sun Apr 4 05:55:49 UTC 2004

Dear Admins

I had a SysOp status until 03.abr.2004 at http://pt.wikipedia.org  but today my status was changed.

Two administrators of Portugal had been discuss with me about differences between the language said in Brazil and Portugal.  They are creating rules without consulting the community and had said that they would go to take off my status of administrator because this divergences.

He would like to know which was the reason of the SysOp change and if an administrator of Brazil in Wikipedia PT/BR would be possible. The actual administrators is creating a dictatorship.

Tnks. sorry about my english

Paulo Ricardo Colacino
user: PauloColacino
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
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