[Wikipedia-l] Adding a new language

Andre Engels engelsAG at t-online.de
Thu Apr 1 09:06:44 UTC 2004

"Sonja Elen Kisa" <sonja at kisa.ca> schrieb:
> Some of us have been wanting to add a Wikipedia in the Toki Pona language. We 
> normally use the 2 letter abbreviation "tp" for this language. How can it be 
> added so we can translate all the preliminary pages?

As I understand, policy is:
* If the language has a (2-letter) ISO 639-1 code, use it
* Otherwise, if the language has a (3-letter) ISO 639-2 code, use it
* Otherwise, make up a 3-letter code ourselves

Toki Pona is not in ISO 639 (and seen from the size and importance of it, that
does not surprise me). The ISO 639-1 code 'tp' is not in use, but if we're
going to have tp.wikipedia.org, I think Tok Pinin would be a better candidate
than Toki Pona. All in all I would say that a 3-letter code would be better,
and that for me personally it's getting to the level where I doubt whether
having it would be good at all.

> Although I do not know Klingon, I believe it would be a good idea to add it as 
> a possible Wikipedia language. I am sure there are many enthusiasts out there 
> who are willing to develop it.

Klingon would be code tlh.

Andre Engels

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