[Wikipedia-l] Members?

Alex R. alex756 at nyc.rr.com
Sun Sep 7 23:28:56 UTC 2003

From: "Merritt L. Perkins" <mlperkins3 at juno.com>
> Please forgive my ignorance.

> 1. Are there members?

We are all members.

> 2. What are they members of?

Members of the community of those involved with Wikipedias.

> 3. How do they become members?

By participating.

> 4. How do they know that they have been accepted?

None needed, only participation is required.  All are accepted,.

> It seems that when a person becomes a member he should receive a
> membership certificate. This could be something that he can download
 > and print out to put in a frame and hang on the wall. It could have a 
> fancyborder.
> I haven't seen any information about this.
> Merritt L. Perkins

Why not make up a certificate and post it on the Meta Wiki?

Then we can all download it, add our names, print it out, and put it on
the wall.  A fancy border would be nice, like a stock certificate.

Maybe Jimbo will even allow his mechanical signature
to be reproduced on it. It could say something like 

"I hereby certify this person is a member of the Wikipedia 
community because they decided to participate. "
Jimmy Wales
Founder and Lord of All Wikipedian Realms

Here is an example of the Left-Handers Club certificate:

It could also have the new logo on it! 
Maybe we should have a membership certificate contest too! 
(I'm not joking)


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