[Wikipedia-l] Source of protected pages (Was: IMPORTANT: language issues)

Toby Bartels toby+wikipedia at math.ucr.edu
Wed Jul 9 19:52:31 UTC 2003

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Peter Gervai wrote at last:

>Btw people, how can I get the _source_ of the protected pages? Like copying
>GFDL or Main_Page for later translation, etc.

We can hardly call ourselves "open source" when people can't get at this!
A simple solution requires 2 changes
when a page is protected and a user's no admin:

* Change the current '''Protected page''' non-link to
  a '''View page source''' link to the usual "...&action=edit" URI.
* Rather than redirect this URI to back the page itself,
  let it be the usual big box with the source in it,
  only with nothing below (or above) said box for editing
  (no warnings, no buttons, no permission statements, etc).

There you are -- open source!

-- Toby

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