[Wikipedia-l] Press release : Logo putsch on the French Wikipedia !

Anthere anthere8 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 10 14:13:34 UTC 2003

This is an ugly copy (non html) of our last internal
press release. To be found on

Press release : Logo putsch on the French Wikipedia !

French Wikipedia always promoting novelty and fun :
Wikipedia-wide approved logo replaced by another, to
celebrate forthcoming Christmas event

During the night between the 9th and the 10th of
december, the french logo was mysteriously changed,
and a new, very colourful and happy one now stands in

12 hours later, no reversion has been done yet to the
grayer version, much to the surprise of external
observers. User:Tim Starling reaction was to shake his
head; his comment on that lack of reaction was
The lack of reaction of french wikipedians might have
several explanations : it may be suggested that some
just did not notice. It may also be that french
wikipedians are all editing under cologne blue skin (a
statistician might be able to give more feed back on
this). User:Anthere also suggested that the old logo
might still be in the "cache" for most users.

External observers reactions were diverse. Some
thought the new logo great. User:Angela commented
"That's so unfair! Fr have such a beuatiful logo for
Christmas and en still have the old boring white one."
She also asked "I hope it does stay. I love it. Do you
think there is any chance it would be allowed on en?".

Some wondered why this logo appeared so early before
Christmas; however, some answered that Christmas fun
time was beginning just after Thanksgiving in the US,
and that Thanksgiving was now over. Other mentionned
the new logo might be POV, and wondered if french
Wikipedia had an equivalent logo during the Ramadan
(nde : the Ramadan just ended last week).

Evidence shows the logo was uploaded by
w:fr:Utilisateur:Guillaume Bokiau, but it is yet
unclear how the official logo could be so easily
replaced without technical input. Some users
mentionned User:Brion VIBBER or User:Eloquence names,
as being likely to be involved in logo change issues.
Rumours also suggest that Guillaume could be the
author of the new logo as well, though this fact has
not been confirmed yet.


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