[Wikipedia-l] The Separation (was: Ideographic Chinese -Even Simpler Chinese)

Menchi Zh-En WP ebeins at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 30 23:25:41 UTC 2003

>Stevertigo: Recently someone Menchi (?) discussed with Brion about making 
>separate wikis for Simple Chinese and Traditional Chinese...

No, I did not suggest to Brion or anyone the separation of Simplified and 
Traditional Chinese versions. I don't know who said it. As far as I know, 
all active and regular contributors there are fine with the co-existence of 
the two versions.

What we /have/ been saying is to implement an automatic 
Traditional<->Simplified conversion, since the phrasing is completely 
identical (the wording occasionally isn't. Occasionally.)

Anyway, shouldn't this be at Intlwiki-L.?

Menchi Zh-En

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