[Wikipedia-l] Ideographic Chinese -Even Simpler Chinese

Steve Vertigum utilitymuffinresearch2 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 30 22:32:55 UTC 2003

Recently someone Menchi (?) discussed with Brion about

making separate wikis for Simple Chinese and
Traditional Chinese, and I fully support this view.

Continuing with the tradition of Wikpeidas innovation
and originality, I think it would be good idea to go
one further, and make a strictly Han Ideographic
(Chinese) language wikipedia.

The idea comes from the problems inherent to Chinese
--What began as purely ideographic --
symbol=thing/concept/connectors -- has also "degraded"
to include characters for which nobody knows their
origins, charachters that used to invoke a *phonetic
distinction between words. In more recent years,
bopomofo, pinyi, (chinese) and romaji , katakana,
hiragana (japanese) have all developed to supplant or
augment the highly complex pictographic forms and
their more complicated usage.

It would then be extremely interesting to create a
purely ideographic (using simplified characters) Han
wikipedia -- that is usable by Chinese, Japanese and
Korean wikipedians, and would be easier for non-asian
users to get involved with and understand.

-Steve Vertigo

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