[Wikipedia-l] IBM analyzing Wikipedia page histories

Kurt Jansson jansson at gmx.net
Fri Aug 29 19:49:17 UTC 2003

Fernanda Viegas wrote:

> 3. Another poster asked about our diff method: I think the main 
> difference between ours and yours is that ours is operating at a finer 
> granularity (roughly at the sentence level, rather than the paragraph 
> level). We'd be happy to talk in more detail, if you want!

I'd love to see MediaWiki use a smarter diff function, but I have no 
programing skills (well, TurboPascal, but that's long ago ...). Maybe 
one of our not-so-busy developers (are there any?) could talk with you 
about this.

> 4. We have been finding some fascinating patterns about the different 
> ways in which people collaborate in Wikipedia. We are currently writing 
> a paper about this and would be happy to share it with the community 
> after we are done.



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