[Wikipedia-l] IBM analyzing Wikipedia page histories

Ulrich Fuchs mail at ulrich-fuchs.de
Fri Aug 29 18:25:09 UTC 2003

Am Freitag, 29. August 2003 18:01 schrieb Jimmy Wales:
> Ulrich Fuchs wrote:
> > 1) they quote more or less completely some Wikipedia articles on their
> > gallery screenshots
> > (http://researchweb.watson.ibm.com/history/gallery.htm). They don't link
> > back to Wikipedia or mention the content to be under GNU FDL. Instead,
> > they put a (c) 2003 by IBM below their pictures.
> These are good people, Fernanda Viegas in particular has written to me
> and to the mailing list a few times.  They don't mean any harm, as far
> as that goes.
> But ANYWAY, that particular type of use of our data qualifies VERY
> WELL as 'fair use', which means that they can use it whether we like
> it or not, license or no license.

I think, I have to start using smilies again, otherwise no one is realizing me 
talking ironically. ;-)) There is no need to discuss the fair use issue, I 
have no problems with IBM using Wikipedia that way, in fact, being reproduced 
is what we want to; (however I doubt if that would really be "fair use" - 
keep in mind that IBM even copyrights their screenshots, and think about the 
curious ways to distribute the DeCSS algorithm) - But as I said, please 
forget about that issue: The use by IBM is certainly nothing worth arguing 
with them. They link to Wikipedia, that's giving publicity, and that's fine.

Second point - I am very interested in that paper and the editing patterns; I 
believe the analysis will be based on the english Wikipedia, I'd like to see 
if I recognize these patterns on the german Wikipedia, too!


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