[Wikipedia-l] First logo voting stage

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Thu Aug 28 21:38:47 UTC 2003

tarquin wrote:

> Ray Saintonge wrote:
>> I don't know if removing them is the right course of action, or if 
>> the size limit should be imposed on the contributor.  Postage stamp 
>> designers do not do their work on a postage stamp sized canvas.
>> Having the original work in a large file is preferable because it can 
>> be scaled down.  In scaling up a small file we will not be able to 
>> provide missing detail.  Trimming a contribution to 30k should be 
>> done by software.  If a scaled down logo loses too much information, 
>> we probably shouldn't adopt it. 
> Yes, we must have the large original.
> But voters MUST be able to see that the design is viable at the final 
> size. If size reduction & data compression turns the winning design 
> into a blurry mess -- what then?

Then we should never have adopted that one in the first place.  This is 
less critical when we are trying to establish a short list from a list 
that's as long as the list of California gubernatorial candidates.  

If a logo with such problems makes it onto the top ten list, the 
contributor should then have the opportunity to rectify this kind of 
problem or be prepared to have it eliminated.

Perhaps what we are looking for in the first round of voting is some 
kind of broad aesthetic appeal.


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