[Wikipedia-l] Re: logo

Erik Moeller erik_moeller at gmx.de
Thu Aug 28 21:36:12 UTC 2003

> Erik, I find 7 days to be a very short time (again,
> not to insist too much, but school has not restarted
> yet, many people are still on holidays, sorry Mav
> :-)). Is there a special reason you chose such a short
> time ?

We started accepting logos at July 20. The original deadline of August 20  
has been extended by one week. We have more than 130 logos. There will be  
a 10 day period after the first voting round is closed for refining logos.  
The final voting round will take another 10 days. All in all, the whole  
thing will be finished by September 25 if we're lucky, which is slightly  
more than two months of time for getting a new logo. I think this is more  
than enough time and if someone can't vote in a certain stage because  
they're not available in that particular week, it is unlikely that this  
will substantially affect the result. Already we are dealing with hundreds  
of votes. I know it's exciting and fun, but let's remember every once in a  
while that we actually would like to arrive at a result, preferably before  
our massive fundraising campaign begins.



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