[Wikipedia-l] First logo voting stage

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Thu Aug 28 18:03:30 UTC 2003

tarquin wrote:

> Erik Moeller wrote:
>> The first voting stage for the new Wikipedia logo has begun:
>> http://meta.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_logo_vote
>> has begun. Please add your signature under up to 10 logos. The 10 
>> logos  with the highest number of votes will then enter the final 
>> voting stage.  The deadline for the first stage is September 5, 20:00 
>> UTC.
>> With over 130 logos and many variants we have lots of excellent 
>> candidates  to choose from. Thanks to everyone who contributed!
> please could you enforce a byte limit for the images displayed on the 
> list pages.
> Some are STUPIDLY large, eg that one featuring some sort of rodent 
> which I removed.
> with a modem it takes about 5 minutes for them all to load.
> people should upload a smaller version ( < 30 k ?) or be disqualified

I don't know if removing them is the right course of action, or if the 
size limit should be imposed on the contributor.  Postage stamp 
designers do not do their work on a postage stamp sized canvas.

Having the original work in a large file is preferable because it can be 
scaled down.  In scaling up a small file we will not be able to provide 
missing detail.  Trimming a contribution to 30k should be done by 
software.  If a scaled down logo loses too much information, we probably 
shouldn't adopt it.


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