[Wikipedia-l] Nupedia articles-in-progress licensing status?

Daniel Mayer maveric149 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 26 04:54:36 UTC 2003

Anybody know the answer to this? 
Hi Mav, 

I asked a question on the Wikipedia talk:Nupedia_and_Wikipedia about whether 
articles-in-progress on Nupedia qualify under the GFDL, or are they like the 
Nupedia "Chalkboard". I also asked at the Wikipedia:Village pump but I got no 
response (the question has since been moved to the Village pump archives). 
Some of these articles have been languishing since 2001 and it would be nice 
if it were possible to use some of them as a basis for articles (or at least 
good stubs) right now. I searched the Nupedia website, mailing lists, history 
etc. and there appears no mention whatsoever of the copyright or licensing 
status of the articles-in-progress on Nupedia. I was hoping that you might 
have some insight. Thanks. -- Lexor 02:21, 26 Aug 2003 (UTC) 

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