[Wikipedia-l] Re: paypal - free money transfer in EU

Jitse Niesen J.Niesen at damtp.cam.ac.uk
Sat Aug 23 10:57:05 UTC 2003

Delirium wrote:

> Out of curiosity, does this apply across the entire EU, or only within
> the euro-zone?  For example, could you send money DE->UK (or vice versa)
> for free?

I did this recently. As Joachim said, it is free if you provide the SWIFT
and IBAN code, but there is one catch: it is only free if the transfer is
in euros (i.e., if the UK account is in euros). Otherwise, the English
bank will charge you - in my case (Barclays), the charge is six pounds.
However, if I understand it correctly, the German bank won't be able to
charge you; before, both banks charged you. The rule is from 1 July 2003,
so not all bank employees know about it.

Hope this helps,
Jitse Niesen

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