[Wikipedia-l] Re: PayPal is set up

Jimmy Wales jwales at bomis.com
Fri Aug 22 14:50:26 UTC 2003

Walter Vermeir wrote:
> In the euro-zone you can make a bank transfer from one account to a
> other account in the euro-zone for the same price like a local
> transfer. That is almost always free.
> Whit PayPal there are transcation costs and change from currency costs.
> A Wikimedia euro bankaccount in euro-zone state can be usefull for 
> donations from Europe. No need for a credit card, easy to do, no loss of 
> mony; 1 euro donation = 1 euro for Wikimedia. Not 1 euro - x%

O.k., can anyone recommend a large and reputable 'euro-zone' bank
where I can open an account from here?

Do other people have feedback for me on whether this is a sensible
thing to do?

One problem with what you've said, though, is that I don't foresee
much of a need for the Wikimedia Foundation to *spend* Euros in the
short term.  There is sometimes talk of locating a server in Europe,
but I'm unconvinced that there are good technical reasons for doing
so.  (But, if there are, I'm all for it.)

Other than that, I'll be buying machines in California.


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