[Wikipedia-l] Re: PayPal is set up

Gustav Foseid gustavf at pvv.ntnu.no
Fri Aug 22 07:40:55 UTC 2003

Brion Vibber <brion at pobox.com> writes:

> If you're reading the mailing lists through the gmane newsgroup
> gateway, beware that it corrupts its copy of postings by obscuring
> things it thinks are e-mail addresses.


> The address given in the above e-mail is in fact
> 'd o n a t i o n at-sign w i k i p e d i a dot o r g'.
> There is no public.gmane.org involved.

Thank you. Much more reassuring :-)

Thai said, I think a more localized way of doing donations should be
considered for Europe and perhaps Asia. For me, PayPal is fine,

Gustav Foseid

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