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Anthere anthere6 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 22 00:57:44 UTC 2003

just an opinion

I agree with Kat it may not be a very good idea to ask
for money in a press release. We want people to hear
about us, to come to see us, to be impress by our

And then, they might touch their pocket

You've got to show them something for them to give
money. => To see the site and the result

The little paypal stuff, isnot that a sort of a logo
you put somewhere in a corner ? And people click on it
to give money in some way ?

Well then, let's not speak about money in the press
release. Let's give people the desire to come and see
us instead. Then, when they are on the site, and are
impressed, they will click on that stuff sitting in a
corner, and make gift.

Mav, I hate to tell you that, but...just as holidays
times are different (but we work more every day :-)),
cultures toward money are different.

American people are very relax with money issues. In
other places, this is not so. Er...asking money in a
press release...I think...is...POV

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