[Wikipedia-l] Re: PayPal is set up

Jake Nelson jnelson at soncom.com
Fri Aug 22 00:43:51 UTC 2003

I mean no offense, but it seems like people really don't know much about
PayPal... I use it almost exclusively for my banking... someone made a
comment about 'free' PayPal accounts and limits thereon- there's no other
kind. And I have no credit cards, but have a full PayPal account (and a
PayPal debit card).

And there's no conversion that has to occur to send Euros to Wikimedia. When
you send money, you can choose which currency it's sent in (though if your
account only uses Euros (which currencies are used in your account is
strictly up to your control), it'll be sent in Euros). If the Wikimedia
account is set to accept Euros, it'll add to its Euro balance (if you accept
multiple currencies, you have separate balances in each, but can transfer
between them at any time with no charge), otherwise it'll automatically be
converted to dollars.

Someone mentioned the Maestro system- it's worth noting that's MasterCard's
debit system. There's a large degree of interoperability there.

Just some notes.


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