[Wikipedia-l] PayPal is set up

Daniel Mayer maveric149 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 21 20:30:36 UTC 2003


Jimbo wrote:
>Tomorrow I will set up a web page on wikimedia.org 
>(the foundation website) with a variety of buttons 
>and what-not to use, but there's no reason you can't 
>get started now if you like.  

Since we don't yet own Wikimedia.com, you might want
to consider hosting the foundation's website at
wikimediafoundation.org since I also bought the .com
for that. This might be better from an organizational
point of view too; Wikimedia.org could be a portal
page (as it is now) to the various Wikimedia projects
and the foundation's website. Also, IMO, wikimedia.org
should be the future home of meta (via a subdomain as
it is now) and the mailing lists (also via a subdomain
as they are now). 

Wikimediafoundation.org/.com currently are forwarded
to wikimedia.org but you can change that via the
information I sent you a month ago (you never did
indicate that you received the user names and
passwords to access all the Wikimedia domain names I
hold; I'll resend this information to you again if you
lost my first email). 

Also, you mentioned that you bought wikiquote.org/.com
; could you forward those domain names to
http://quote.wikipedia.org ? Moving isn't a priority
but forwarding is since we want to advertise
Wikiquote's existence with our next press release. 

>At least initially, all funds will go towards the new

>server(s) that I'm shopping for -- the more you give,

>the more you get.  :-)

I agree that that is a priority; we can think about
hiring a php/mysql optimization expert as soon as our
hardware needs are met.

-- Daniel Mayer (aka mav)

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