[Wikipedia-l] Wikipedia v. Britannica

Jimmy Wales jwales at bomis.com
Tue Aug 19 12:25:34 UTC 2003

Erik Moeller wrote:
> Way to shoot down your own argument there by comparing us to a
> criminal proprietary software vendor ;-). I can live with something
> like "Wikipedia 2004" as long as whatever naming scheme is used is
> consistently used for each release, not changed all the time, and as
> long as the 2004 edition is actually released in 2004.

I agree with all of this.  I think our 'code name' should be '1.0',
but as we get close to release, maybe we can give it a year name

> Difficult to do for copyrighted/trademarked characters and
> brands. There won't always be a workaround solution like on [[Mickey
> Mouse]].

Actually, and I'm sure some legal eagles will pop in to correct me if
I'm wrong, there's nothing wrong with us illustrating an article about
Mickey Mouse with a picture of Mickey Mouse, if the copyright on the
photo itself is clear.  Trademark shouldn't interfere with
encyclopedic/journalistic reporting.

If we illustrated an article about McDonald's restaurants with 3-4
photos of 'typical' McDonald's from around the world, that'd be
totally fine.


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