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On 18 Aug 2003 23:15:00 +0200, Till Westermayer <till at tillwe.de> gave 
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> I'd say there is a difference between the local level ("Canterbury
> Regional Council", "Indian electoral districts", "Orange County School
> Board") and the sub-national state level ("England", "States of India",
> "California"). These difference is especially visible in the
> significance to the rest of the world.

Well even the smaller states of India are more populous than most US 

Excuse my ignorance of the US electoral system, but are there gubnertorial 
contests happening in some or all of the other states at the same time? If 
there are, then why should California be singled out, other than for the 
reason that California tends to be self aggrandizing? And the reason for 
that might be that it is home to the third-largest film and TV industry in 
the world and the accompanying media circus?
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