[Wikipedia-l] Re: maybe time for a document project,

Daniel Mayer maveric149 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 17 08:59:49 UTC 2003

sometime in the near future?
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 01:54:14 -0700
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Karl Eichwalder wrote:
>I still believe contents is more important; 
>all these links, esp. these navigation links 
>are superfluous.  A good search engine is
>all you need -- frankly, navigations links are 
>a waste of resources (time and bandwidth).  
>I admit, it nice to click around but going this
>way you usually will not find the info you are 
>looking for.

Ah - a true believer in search engines. As with all true believers, there 
isn't any point arguing with you. 


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