[Wikipedia-l] Calif recall candidates --

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Sun Aug 17 01:49:39 UTC 2003

Steve Vertigo wrote:

>Hmm.  I agree. But what about those who are limited in
>terms of their coverage, and yet still are "more
>qualified than most" to be candidates?  Inbetweeners
>if you will.
>I guess Im thinking of it more as a sick wikipublicity
>stunt, TBH (apologies) -- I dont care either way, I do
>think there should be a full list of candidates here,
>Thanks, Fred
I have no problem with listing all 135.  The rest of us can have fun at 
California's expense. :-)   It may be difficult to find enough material 
to create a biographical blurb or comment about every one of them.  I 
like the idea that there is at least one grown-up among them;  Mary 
"Mary Carey" Cook lists herself as an adult film actress. ;-)   Will she 
do as well as the sumo wrestler?

On a slightly more serious vein, how can an appropriate branch of 
Wikimedia present a truly independent view of any election anywhere in 
the world?


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