[Wikipedia-l] academic research on Wikis

Merritt L. Perkins mlperkins3 at juno.com
Fri Aug 15 14:39:11 UTC 2003

I am new to Wikipedia. I learned about it from news on the Internet. At
first I could access Encyclopedia entries and found some excellent
detailed information. I can no longer find any of these entries. They
told me that they are buying new equipment , and I hope to that will take
care of the situation.
I find myself in a strange, unfamiliar world and I don’t know the
language or customs.
First I want to know how to look up information in the Encyclopedia. I
want to know how to read the information, select the desired part, and
either copy or print it.
Then I want to know how to write an article. I will need a title or
heading. Next I will give a brief description to be followed by the more
detailed body of the article. After I edit it the way I want it I will
need to have other people work at over to make corrections and provide
additional information. 
I had a colonoscopy several months ago so I could write an article about
colonoscopy and what it is like for the patient. A nurse death could
provide more detailed information about preparation for the procedure and
a surgeon could provide pictures of hemorrhoids, polyps, and colon cancer
from his records.
I am self-employed and use my computers to write magazine articles that
are sent by e-mail to the editor along with drawings and pictures taken
with my digital camera.
I am interested in chat but don’t have time to write more right now.
Merritt L. Perkins

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