[Wikipedia-l] help, help

Steve Vertigo utilitymuffinresearch at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 11 22:04:38 UTC 2003

>VR wrote: It's hardly surprising that  someone
> might not immediately recognize how Wikipedia works.

Nobody "immediately recognizes" anything.  It took
each of us time to get the wiki - and even then there
are parts and conventions, rules in pencil, and
verdictum-a-la-Jimbo that are still not apparent to
most regular contributors.  Heck, I still have no clue
how certain details of how this whole internet thing
actually works.

If your talking about civility - I would agree,
however (though there are a million caveats to this,
as well TROLL and such) and I've scheduled for myself
this week a sound pounding for my misdemeanor. 


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