[Wikipedia-l] press release, anticipation

Anthere anthere6 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 8 09:41:43 UTC 2003

Hello all,

I am very excited by the first press release for
wikimedia. Incidently, I thank the one who suggested a
multilingual release (I think it is Mav, but messages
get a lost among 95 digests...well..). Whether the
english wikipedia has a release for 200000 is good and
should be done, but a common release for the fundation
is ... the good way imho.

Anticipating : 

1) It may have been said somewhere, but when can we
roughly said to have reach 300 000 together ? It does
not need to be very precise since no journalists will
be able to check numbers really :-)
will it be before or after the 200 000 ? How much time
should we respect between these two releases ?

2) When is decided that the time is the good one for
the press release, could we organise a sort of
schedule ? Each time the english wiki has a press
release, everything is slowed down, last time the
german release also had a clear impact on
availability. Should not we a bit try to schedule an
order among wikis, or some rough dates, so we can
smooth the peak ?

3) the links at the bottom of the message are all
english wikipedia oriented ? I saw Youssef translation
kept the english links. Have other wikis did the same
or should not we when possible have each wiki links
(for best prose; wikipedia description...)

4) Eclecticology (and other canadian friends)...could
you look for sending the release to a major canadian
press web site for the french wikipedia ? We need more
canadians on the fr ;-)



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