[Wikipedia-l] Re: Wikipedia-l digest, Vol 1 #1265 - 13 msgs

sgilbert at nbnet.nb.ca sgilbert at nbnet.nb.ca
Thu Aug 7 19:05:04 UTC 2003

Steve Vertigo wrote:

> The Cunctator wrote:
> >
> > Hmm. Maybe a web-based bulletin board which by its
> > nature helps people
> > sort discussions by topic and discourages getting
> > off topic, and which
> > allows for easier reference to the Wikipedia content
> > being discussed?
> > 
> > Just a thought.
> I think it may be getting practical --- there seems to
> be inclreased traffic on the lists -- I still cant
> figure out why the Village pump isnt run as some kind
> of threaded chat page. -- even that would be against
> the purpose of 
> -- the digests are miserable due to all the metadata,
> -- the archives are fairly ok to read from -- aside
> from plain email -- but theres no return form from
> archives to answer with, and it has an annoying bug of
> not wrapping unformatted text -- so that LD's and
> others messages read as a single very long string...

Have you tried using the GMANE ( http://www.gmane.org/ ) 
interface with a good newsreader? It threads dscussions quite well, 
and if there is a thread you're not interested, just use the "Ignore" 
function of your newsreader, and you never have to see it again.

As for a web-based BBS, no thanks. I find browser-based interfaces clunky
(alas, it's true for editing articles as well). Also, such a beast can't be 
used offline, which is a big minus for me.

- Stephen G.

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