[Wikipedia-l] 300,000 is a much better milestone

Delirium delirium at rufus.d2g.com
Mon Aug 4 19:00:38 UTC 2003

Daniel Mayer wrote:

>I don't agree with this at all - each project needs to have its own very 
>distinct logo so that each project can be instantly recognizable when readers 
>are using interproject links. Readers need to know very fast where they are. 
If this is the case, then I think we need to come up with yet another 
logo for the overarching Wikipedia project, that'd be suitable for using 
on press releases and such (since picking any one language's logo is 
likely to be unpopular with the others, and using them all is likely to 
be infeasible).  Given that various languages have different alphabets, 
I think this would be be a fairly simple logo with the text "Wikipedia" 
in it, and alternate versions -- identical but for the alphabet used to 
spell "Wikipedia" -- could be made for other languages if their news 
sources desire something with local spelling.  A universal and 
recognizable "Wikipedia logo" of this sort would also help with various 
promotional materials, rather than splitting up our recognition between 
dozens of different logos.

I'm not opposed to individual language logos, but I think they should be 
in some ways subsidiary -- we have a generic "Wikipedia logo" and then 
each language can have its own unique logo to identify itself.


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