[Wikipedia-l] 300,000 is a much better milestone

Erik Moeller erik_moeller at gmx.de
Mon Aug 4 13:14:00 UTC 2003

> Erik wrote:
>> Yes, I know what you're thinking -- not another
>> "x articles" press release.

> I thought we had well over 200,000 articles... I just checked en.wiki's
> Multilingual statistics page; the number is 270,616 as of July 31. So why
> not wait until we have 300,000 articles?

Good idea, but will we still make a big announcement when en: reaches  
150K? From the looks of it, the two will nearly happen at the same time.

> What about a Wikimedia logo? Perhaps one of the runner-ups for the Wikipedia
> logo contest could be voted on.

Well, IMHO all of the logos should be in the same general style. Perhaps  
whoever designs the winning logo would like to design one for Wikimedia as  
well (especially when motivated by a payment from Wikimeda's funds).

> Wikibooks needs to localize its language.php file and put up at least a
> temporary logo first.

Hopefully Brion's Wikipedia-internal translation interface will make these  
things easier.

> In addition, Wikibooks has some fairly important software needs that should
> be addressed before such an announcement and inevitable increase in
> contributors (major need: the porting over of pyWiki's php/GPL WikiGroup
> functionality).

Hmm, not sure this is really essential for the wikibooks project. Perhaps  
the template idea could be complemented to support this.



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