[Wikipedia-l] Cooperating with IMDB, FreeDB etc.

Delirium delirium at rufus.d2g.com
Sun Aug 3 18:51:41 UTC 2003

Till Westermayer wrote:

>but wouldn't the inclusion of our copylefted material because of the
>meme-viral character of that material make IMDB and others going GNU?
That's a bit of a tricky issue, because the GFDL doesn't seem to have 
been intended for websites, but books.  In a book, I think this would be 
the case -- if you took someone's book, and added a few chapters to it, 
you'd have to FDL the whole thing, not just the original chapters.  
Similarly, if you published a book on movie history and included stuff 
from Wikipedia, you'd have to FDL the whole book, including your own 

I'm not sure if this carries over to a website though.  Can a website 
have only certain sections FDL'd (say, the reviews) and consider the 
rest of them a separate work, even if they happen to appear on the same 
page?  The analogy to books would say no, but I'm not sure.


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