[Wikipedia-l] Cooperating with IMDB, FreeDB etc.

Jake Nelson jnelson at soncom.com
Sun Aug 3 10:11:14 UTC 2003

I like the idea, personally. Those sites need more description and real
writing, and Wikipedia has a lot of stubs that duplicate the plain data
those sites have now... I can see it working into the sites' (Well, I don't
know what freedb has for this) existing comment systems without a lot of
trouble. It'd also probably mean a hefty traffic upswing... like you said:
> Perhaps we should wait with more concrete inquiries until we have more
resources to handle the traffic
But I'd put feelers out to those places and see what they think.
I disagree on limiting movies by income or related... some of these may be
those obscure-but-significant type of movie. Besides, earnings numbers are
less than reliable.
> IMHO "only open content people"  is too tight a rule.
I concur.
And besides, making people think of new ways of doing things is always a
good idea, in my book.

-- Jake
jnelson at soncom.com

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