[Wikipedia-l] Preparing for 150,000 articles

Erik Moeller erik_moeller at gmx.de
Sun Aug 3 00:42:00 UTC 2003

Yes, I know what you're thinking -- not another "x articles" press  

Well, I think for the next time we should think of some other news to  

1) Wikimedia Foundation set up as an umbrella organization for applying  
the wiki idea to a wide set of problems
2) Basic Wikimedia homepage set up
3) Wikimedia starts taking donations
4) Wikibooks launched
5) Wikiquote launched
6) Two week fundraising drive to allow us to buy new hardware etc.

We'll have 150K articles in about 3 weeks. Can we get this stuff sorted  
out until then? E.g. have wikibooks.org set up, and have an account for  
donations? Jimbo?

This might well be one of the biggest announcements in Wikipedia's  
history, and we should prepare it well.



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