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Arwel Parry arwel at cartref.demon.co.uk
Fri Aug 1 11:45:44 UTC 2003

In message <002101c357dc$20c85f50$d100a8c0 at arcsy.co.jp>, Guillaume 
Blanchard <gblanchard at arcsy.co.jp> writes
>My automatic number separator don't seem to interest people :o(
>I have a question and this time I really hope an answer !
>Do we have to put a "specimen" note on the pictures of bill (banknote) we
>want to put on Wikipedia ?

Most central banks seem to insist upon it - the Bank of England 
certainly does, though I note that they don't adhere to their own 
regulations on their own website! (Their regulations say "SPECIMEN" has 
to be in black, but on many of their own pictures it's red).

Arwel Parry

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