[Wikipedia-l] Helga again

Stephen Gilbert canuck_in_korea2002 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 31 00:57:59 UTC 2002

--- "Poor, Edmund W" <Edmund.W.Poor at abc.com> wrote:
> Mav and others have told me that Helga's been a
> thorn in the project's side for a year. But I think
> the way you've responded has been inflammatory. No
> offense meant.
> Instead of hitting her over the head verbally with
> phrases like "she's at it again" and "removed NPOV
> text" -- why not take a more low-key approach? It's
> working for me in the Arab-Israeli conflict
> articles:

Ed, people have spent many, many hours trying your
"low key" approach. It hasn't worked. Some Wikipedians
have spent most of their Wikipedia time following
Helga around, trying to work with her, fix up her
contributions and explain why in non-confrontational
ways. People have left the project in frustration
because of her.

It's a little frustrating to hear people implying that
everyone has treated Helga harshly and unfairly.

> *sigh* if only Larry were still
> here.

Larry's not a magic bullet. I respect Larry, and I
think he deserves a lot of the credit for getting this
project off the ground. He has, however, been less
than diplomatic in certain past situations.

Come now, Ed. There's no need to wish for a knight in
shining armour whenever we have a problem. ;-)

Stephen G.

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