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Tom Parmenter tompar at world.std.com
Thu Aug 29 04:02:06 UTC 2002

|From: Fred Bauder <fredbaud at ctelco.net>
|Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 18:20:50 -0600
|At 02:44 PM 8/28/02 -0700, Jimbo wrote:
|>Maybe we should have both.
|The way it is now this coding "ISBN 0000000000" gives pricescan through the
|wiki software. To create an AddAll link you have to create a special link
|that works around the Wiki coding. What I want is to at least allow how to
|create a wiki link be in the ISBN article, but at best putting AddAll into
|the wiki coding instead of pricescan.

Other people should perform the comparison.  In addition to your
links, I tested both services with a fairly hard-to-find book, my big
Spanish dictionary, Clave Diccionario, and they were about the same
for new copies, but only AddAll had used copies, and at about 50%
of the new pricess they both listed, which were also way below list..

If AddAll *always* has used books and PriceScan *never* has used books,
then we should switch to AddAll as being more wiki.  If they *both* have
used books from time to time, PriceScan has a more useful interface.

I think they are both totally cool in terms of the speed and breadth
of their information.  The 21st century really has some things going.  

Tom P.

|>Tom Parmenter wrote:
|>> |From: Fred Bauder <fredbaud at ctelco.net>
|>> |Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 06:28:06 -0600
|>> |
|>> |I would like to see ISBNs linked to AddAll.com rather than
|Pricescan.com. I
|>> |think the selection of bookstores is better including used books and as
|>> |AddAll is devoted solely to books less of a distraction.
|>> |
|>> |To test the two alternatives go to:
|>> |
|>> |http://www.wikipedia.com/wiki/creative_accounting
|>> |
|>> |The book at the bottom of the page temporarily has two ISBN links, the top
|>> |one to AddAll, the bottom to Pricescan.
|>> |
|>> |
|>> I prefer Pricescan.com.  It has stores that AddAll doesn't --
|>> alldirect, doublediscount, a1books, alltextbooks4less, page1book, then
|>> I stopped checking -- it allows sorting by book price and total cost,
|>> which helps, and, despite requiring an extra click, has a cleaner
|>> looking interface.
|>> Tom Parmenter
|>> Ortolan88
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