[Wikipedia-l] Why oh why resurrect nonarticles????

Karen AKA Kajikit kaji at labyrinth.net.au
Wed Aug 28 12:25:31 UTC 2002

Andre Engels wrote:

> > Gibberish is not an article. Blank pages are not an article. And
> > nonsense phrases posted by a casual passerby are not an article. They
> > just take up space that a real article could use. If it was a real
> > article it would say something like 'Kate Hudson is (blah blah blah)'.
> > Leaving this doesn't encourage the writer to make real contributions -
> > if anything it encourages them to leave more nonsense to clutter up the
> > space!
> Someone got angry with me because I deleted subjects that could become
> articles. So I resurrected them. Now people get angry at me because I did
> that. So, what should I do then? It seems that the only way not to do
> something wrong is to do nothing at all.
> Please, either have a SINGLE set of rules that at least has no rules that
> are conflicting, or have no rules at all. This is making me angry and sick
> (literally).

Andre, I'm not angry at you!!!!!!! I agreed that every single one of
those articles you deleted thoroughly deserved oblivion. If I'd gotten
to them first I would have deleted them all myself! What annoys me is
the fact that we are quibbling over such a petty little thing when there
are so many more important jobs still waiting in the queue to do. I'm
truly sorry if you are upset about it... I wasn't trying to get at you,
just to make a point. 

Stubs like that one aren't any use to the wikipedia and they deserve to
be deleted. True? Totally blank entries with no content confuse the
issue and deserve to be deleted. True? Vandalism and gibberish deserve
to be deleted. True? If you don't know for certain that a page deserves
to go, but you think it does, we have a deletion queue to put it in.
BUTTON!!!!!!! It made things so much simpler... 

The problem with a cooperative community is that you have to come to a
consensus before you can actively do anything... where there is too much
disagreement then people get upset and hurt. I say that you are doing a
good job Andre and I would hope that you keep on doing it... and on that
point I don't care whether anyone else agrees with me! 


Karen AKA Kajikit

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