[Wikipedia-l] Why oh why resurrect nonarticles????

koyaanisqatsi at nupedia.com koyaanisqatsi at nupedia.com
Wed Aug 28 12:21:55 UTC 2002

I just redeleted it.  really, that's /not/ an article.  I'm not suggesting that we keep gibberish, and I don't think anyone else is either (except, I guess, whoever requested it be restored.  And I would like to hear why it was requested restored; I must have missed something).


You Wrote:
>'Kate Hudson' has no content. The previous version of it says 'hubba
>hubba hubba', and the history says it was deleted and restored by
>request. That is NOT an article. That is not even a pretense at an
>article. That is a piece of stupidity that deserves oblivion. Why on
>EARTH did someone request that that should be put back? 
>Gibberish is not an article. Blank pages are not an article. And
>nonsense phrases posted by a casual passerby are not an article. They
>just take up space that a real article could use. If it was a real
>article it would say something like 'Kate Hudson is (blah blah blah)'.
>Leaving this doesn't encourage the writer to make real contributions -
>if anything it encourages them to leave more nonsense to clutter up the
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