[Wikipedia-l] Useless stubs and a partial solution

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Wed Aug 28 05:45:45 UTC 2002

I today openned the list of short articles where the blank article on 
[[Daithi Ó Connaill]] caught my eye.  It is linked from a single article 
on the [[Continuity Irish Republican Army]].  All the work on this has 
been done by numbered workers.  The thing that struck me was that Ó 
Cnnaill's name and a few others look different.  On the edit page these 
names had the usual double square brackets but beyond that each name was 
enclosed in the HTML <code>, </code> instruction.  This may very well 
the effort of a newbie who didn't yet trust the function of Wiki code.

This suggests the possibility that we could use this command to indicate 
a useless link that needs to be worked on.

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