[Wikipedia-l] The world according to Helga

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Wed Aug 28 05:16:09 UTC 2002

Toby Bartels wrote:

>John Cate wrote:
>>Since Helga hasn't taken the time to fully explain all of this, I decided to
>>do it for her. Here's a complete list of all the nations that belong to the
>>Germans, and why:
>This is all very fun, but if Helga comes here as Jimbo has "insisted",
>then I hope that it's over before she starts reading.
Agreed! Some of us, myself included, have been unkindly having fun at 
her expense.  I sometimes find it hard to resist sarcastic comments.  In 
reality the articles where I have done work have not co-incided with the 
ones that have kept her busy, so I don't personally have any basis for 
complaint.  That being said, I am putting this on record as an apology 
to her for my own participation in the mockery..

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